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Angel From the Streets…..A Rescue Dog’s Undying Love.

A dramatic and gritty true-life story of my rescue of a street dog from small-town gangsters and drug addicts. A tale of our happy life together, our unique bond, and a surprising canine loyalty which reached out even beyond the grave, to completely change my views on life and death. I did not believe in Life after Death, and was devastated by grief. She was my Heart Dog. But weeks after she seemed to have ‘gone’, she showed me without any doubt that our beloved animals do indeed pass into a lovely life in Spirit, can sometimes re-visit us, and will be awaiting us when we too pass over. Though I still miss her in my life here, this awareness has brought me nothing but joy and hope.

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Price $3.09/£1.88. 161 pages. For Kindle, Kindle devices, and Kindle for PC. 5-star reviews.


Excerpts from readers’ reviews:

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Suspense, grit, beauty, hope.

Immediately, I was swept into the underworld where this poor creature was struggling to survive. Gripped by suspense, the poignant story and a beautiful writing style, I read this intriguing book in one sitting! More than a heartwarming true tale of rescue and love – the author leaves you with her certain belief that our beloved animals live on…

A wonderful story of unconditional and never-ending love.

Anyone who has loved and lost a pet will love this book. I have had that special soul connection with animals and there is no greater bond. And yes, I too know that our fur babies live on. “Until one has loved an animal, one’s soul remains unawakened.” Wonderful story!

A lovely story!

I loved this story couldn’t put the book down once I started.
It made me laugh and made me cry.
I understand the special bond you have with your dog, they are so very special. The bond is second to none.

Just a dog? No, a dog of great spirit! An amazing book!

A truly moving account of how the author took a dog into her life and ultimately into her heart. She recued the dog, called Misty, from a very harsh life amongst drug dealers. The two then became very closely attached and spent many joyous years together. The book describes how Misty finally passed over from cancer at the fine age of 15 – but that is not the end of the book, by any means! In a sense, the real story starts from there. The author gives a fascinating and heart-warming account of how Misty came back to visit her on many occasions from the spirit dimension. These visits are still continuing and have caused her to reassess her views on life after death for animals,  not just humans. 

I cannot recommend this book strongly enough. It will be of interest to those who have rescued dogs from harsh backgrounds. It will fascinate those who are wondering about life after death for animals. But above all it will be of comfort to those who are grieving the loss of a beloved pet, as it offers hope and reassurance that a love bond between a human and a companion animal is never severed by passing over.

Buy this book if you love animals. You will be moved and amazed by what you read.

A truly remarkable story.

Sylvia Groves has managed to craft a heart warming account of her friendship and eventual rescue of a lovable street dog. We share her trials and tribulations that come through in every well written line. A must read for any animal lover.


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